7 Ways To De-Stress With Diet


by Lily Simpson, Founder of detox delivery service Detox Kitchen and Detox Kitchen Deli

Lily Simpson has a love for wholesome, tasty food that not only makes you feel good, it can calm your stress levels and calm your adrenal glands! “Anxiety is becoming a more common health problem,” explains Lily, “and diet plays a key role in managing any anxiety problem because certain foods will exacerbate it’s symptoms of palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, worry and insomnia.” Here she her top tips on how to manage our stress through our diet.

1. Avoid the bad stuff

“An obvious one but wheat, dairy, refined sugar, high-fat meats, processed foods should be avoided 80% of the time to keep your stress levels to a minimum.”

2. Don’t be good all of the time

“It’s really important to have a balanced attitude and approach – having a naughty occasional treat is fine!”

3. Embrace plant-based foods and proteins

“What we should be consuming is lots and lots of plant-based foods, good proteins such as quinoa, chicken, lentils and mackerel, fresh fruit, whole grains and plenty of water to go with it.”

4. Cut down on caffeine

“Caffeine releases cortisol, the stress hormone which makes you highly anxious and leaves a mental fog.”

5. Make time to prepare your food

“Unfortunately, with less time dedicated to preparing our food it means that people grab pre made food which come packed with hidden sugars, preservatives and additives.  These foods will make you feel manic and edgy by causing sugar rushes and crashes.”

6. Top up diet with Omega 3-rich foods

“Increasing foods high in omega 3 have been shown to be great for mental functioning and controlling anxiety. Omega 3 found in all oily fish, helps lift mood by releasing natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

7. And….Relax by eating chocolate!

“Magnesium aids physical muscle relaxation which will relieve hypertension. Sunflower seeds, kale and dark chocolate are all high in magnesium!”