Fitness on Trial: Aquallure

What is it?

Is it a spin class or is it aqua aerobics? Well, Aquallure is kind of both, actually.


Dolphin Square Fitness Club


A single class costs £20, with discounted block bookings available.

Length of class:

One hour

Best for:

Resistance and cardio training.

My Verdict:

As a regular on the recreational fitness scene, I am always looking for quirky options on the market, because there’s no getting away from the fact that exercise bikes are boring. Disco lights or otherwise, you can’t fool me, spin class; I know all I’m doing is pedalling without getting anywhere. A spin class does have its uses, however – you can’t get that fast on the Albert Embankment, for example, and live to tell the tale.

Now, this is not to say you couldn’t reach the dizzy heights of spin class reps pre minute, but I certainly couldn’t (I am not the best benchmark, to be fair). So what possible purpose could a spinning class in a swimming pool serve?

For a start, the water provides in-built resistance, but the kind that doesn’t wreck your knees, because it also supports your joints while you’re pounding away at the pedals. Perfect if you’re getting into exercise or recovering from an injury, for example. That’s not to say you’re not working hard – Aquallure says you can burn up to 800 calories in a single session, it might just be harder to tell how intense your workout was, because you won’t be dripping with sweat by the end of it.

But that’s not all, according to Aquallure, the underwater movement can help tackle cellulite and water retention, because it generates a lymphatic massage, helping breakdown fatty cells.

I think the “pool biking” tag undersells this class – it really is a swimming/cycling hybrid. So it’s not just resistance against your leg muscles, because the class also integrates arm movements – in the water – to give you a full body workout, not just the quad burn you might expect in a spin class. There is also an off-the-bike aqua-aerobics style section, followed by some strengthening exercises using the frame of the bike for tricep-dips and leg-extensions to work the core.

If you like your workouts fast and furious, this might not be the class for you, but a great way to mix up your fitness regime – it’s as weird and wonderful a workout as you might imagine.

What to Wear:

I wore the Cooden one-piece swimsuit – sporty, chic, supportive – we are exercising, after all.