Fitness On Trial: Psycle

What is Psycle?

Psycle is based on a philosophy rooted in the belief that your state of mind is key to how often and how hard you exercise.  It is a high intensity low impact workout on a bike. It is spin, basically. But oh my, it is fancy spin.


Based in London’s Soho, Psycle runs classes across a range of times, daily.


£20 per class.

Length of class:

45 minutes to an hour.

Best for:


My Verdict:

Psycle is spin, essentially, but at the upper end of the spin market. For a start, you get cleats, which are special cycling shoes that you actually clip to your pedals. In the real world, these are tools to help you go faster and also are the cause of many a brake-related bruising when you forget you can’t put your foot on the floo. At Psycle, they stop you falling off your bike when you’re doing crazy press ups whilst, Psycling?

I’m not usually the biggest fan of spin, if I’m honest. I don’t really understand why you’d choose to sit in a sweaty room with a bunch of mega-keen gym bunnies when you could actually be out in the fresh (ish) air taking in some nice views. There are some advantages, however. For a start, spin classes are considerably safer than most of London’s cycling lanes, and you get disco lights and music, which is what I’ve missed the most in my two-wheeled commute to work. Plus you get to mostly avoid the MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra).

Psycle is more than your average spin class, too. There is all sorts of upper body toning gubbins going on whilst you pedal, too. Crazy push ups, being just one example, and core strengthening exercises. It genuinely is a whole body work out. And it’s tough, but not so tough that you think you’ll be sick. The beauty of it is that you can go at your own pace – if you want to work really hard, you can, but no one gives you a hard time if you want to slack off a bit.

It’s a beautiful venue, shiny and sparse and new. The showers are literally incredible. I actually washed my hair twice, so impressed I was by the shampoo stocks. This is probably a clear indication that I have too much time on my hands, but my god, my locks were shiny afterwards.

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