Fitness on Trial: Rebounce

What is it?

An “invigorating dance extravaganza” on, er, a miniature trampoline.


Classes available in two South West London locations


£7 per class or you can “bounce in bulk” for the phenomenally good value of £25 for five classes.

Length of class:

45 minutes

Best for:


My Verdict:

Everyone loves a trampoline, right? Because bouncing is fun and it’s easy, right? So imagine my delight when I learnt of choreographer and fitness instructor, Missie Frank’s new trampoline-based workout class, Rebounce. To spell it out for you, I was very delighted. So much so, I didn’t really bother to investigate beyond the “trampoline” element of it. So I was expecting more “fun” than “fit”, when I arrived at her class, a couple of Sundays ago.

Initially, it all seemed pretty chilled during a warm up consisting of a few stretches and a bit of bouncing – because, like I said, bouncing is easy, right? I think you probably know where I’m going with this.

So, bouncing is easy, unless you’re participating in a choreographed dance routine at the same time (there are probably other circumstances in which bouncing isn’t easy, but fortuitously, I have yet to discover them). If Rebounce hadn’t had me at “trampoline”, I’d have realised dancing was a major component, and to be honest, I might have reassessed my feelings about this class. This is because I have two rules in life (I have loads, but these are the only relevant ones, here) I only dance when I’m drunk; and all other forms of exercise should be avoided in this state. You see my dilemma.

I’d have been wrong, however, to reassess my feelings about Rebounce. While it remains true that you’d be forgiven for thinking I was drunk if you’d seen my lack of coordination on that trampoline, this did not in any way diminish the fun I had been anticipating. For a start, bouncing is fun, if you adopt the age old adage “bounce like there’s nobody watching”. If you get to shake your ass at the same time without fear of judgement, which you don’t at this, rather lovely, friendly group of regulars, you don’t even need to be inebriated. And let’s face it; shaking your ass is fun, this is also true.

Secondly, because bouncing requires more effort than I’d anticipated, it’s also a tremendous workout. The more you work the core, the better controlled your bouncing is, and the better coordinated you are, so it’s great for firming up as well as blasting calories just through sheer exertion. So, in summary, Rebounce is a double whammy of endorphin overload, and I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone.

What to wear:

If you can’t feel like a dancer, you might as well look like one in a sleek Brunswick combo.