My Fitness Life…Kate Shapland

Find out how inspirational women keep fit, healthy and fabulous. Here, we talk to famous Beauty Editor and Entrepreneur Kate Shapland.

A Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Kate Shapland and I am a co-founder of MyShowcase, a beauty writer and blogger, and a brand founder – I recently launched my own leg care brand Legology.  I’m married to Ben Scott Thomas and we live in London with two Scottish terriers.  I’ve been involved in the beauty business for the past 25 years, writing about beauty, consulting and developing brands.  For the past 13 years I’ve written a weekly beauty column for the Telegraph Magazine where I have been lucky enough to champion new and independent beauty brands alongside the designer houses.

What I Eat

I love eating out and trying new restaurants.  We most recently tried Balthazar and Le Petite Maison.  But I don’t cook (my husband loves doing that – I don’t mind admitting that I’ve cooked about 4 meals in the 14 years I’ve been married!) I tend to eat to fuel up.  We eat clean – I eat little starch (my grandmother called it ‘timber’ ) – bread, pasta, potatoes, etc, but I do love ice cream (especially salted caramel), chocolate and cocktails.  One of my favourite places is the cocktail bar at the Connaught – the appletinis are delicious, but the Polo Lounge at The Westbury is also very good.  Maybe it’s getting older but I like to go to restaurants and bars where you are looked after – my idea of hell is a scrum at a bar and blaring music.

My Daily Food Diary

I start every day with oat bran.  Discovering oat bran – such a simple, plain nutrient – was a complete revelation for me.  It got me eating breakfast, gives me sustained energy and sorted out my digestive system, which has always been quite sluggish.  It honestly changed my life.  I make pancakes if I have time and I make oat bran muffins.  I love coffee.  I tried to give it up once and managed six months.  I get up most mornings at about 6am, feed the Scotties, make tea for my husband, coffee for myself and get back into bed with it!  Lunch is invariably protein – salmon, eggs, sometimes soup.  Dinner is always freshly cooked (we don’t eat processed food) and clean: protein and vegetables or salad.  And invariably followed by a Magnum.

My Spare Time

I love travelling and exploring places with Ben.  I’m a huge Londonphile – I read everything I can about it from Charles Dickens to Peter Ackroyd – and I love to explore the capital.  We go to Corfu every year – late spring when it’s fresh and green and beautiful – and we visit Paris regularly as we have family there.  I like making things.  I always have a project on the go, be it a quilt, a tapestry, some embroidery or knitting.  There is nothing better than a new project – it’s like having a new, clean colouring back and paints.

How I Keep Fit

I do a lot of walking with my partner. We love to visit gardens – we went to Sissinghurst recently for the first time – it is spectacular there.  We do a lot of walking generally with our dogs wich keeps us fit. We are to be found in Bishop’s Park every morning, walking along the river, and often on a Saturday in Richmond Park, early in the morning at the coffee stop.  I used to do twice weekly zumba but I managed to slip a disc in my back last year so I now do regular pilates.

My Favourite Vevie Pieces

The Manson zip top – gorgeous, streamlined, perfect for wintry walks and zipping to pilates.  I would wear that with a big chunky knit scarf.

The Manson Workout Pant for the same activity.  But also for wearing at my desk because I get cold sitting still writing and I like something really comfortable on my lower half, ideally with an elasticated waist.  I would wear them with some super soft cashmere socks .. I love comfortable clothes that look chic: when you work from home you inevitably end up looking really scruffy, but this outfit with a pair of white plimsoles would work very nicely!